ASTM C926-19a

Standard Specification for Application of Portland Cement-Based Plaster (Includes all amendments and changes 6/11/2019).

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Označení normy: ASTM C926-19a
Datum vydání normy: 1.6.2019
Kód zboží: NS-951205
Počet stran: 14
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Země: Americká technická norma
Kategorie: Technické normy ASTM

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Cement. Sádra. Vápno. Malta

Anotace textu normy ASTM C926-19a :

This specification covers the standard requirements for the application of full thickness Portland cement-based plaster for exterior (stucco) and interior work. It also sets forth tables for proportioning of various plaster mixes and plaster thickness. The materials used shall consist of the following: cement which shall be a Portland cement, air-entraining Portland cement, masonry cement, blended hydraulic cement, air-entraining blended hydraulic cement, or plastic cement; Type S hydrated lime; aggregates such as perlite and sand for base and job-mixed finish coats; water to be used in mixing; admixtures; and fibers. Surfaces of solid bases such as masonry, stone, cast-in-place or precast concrete shall be prepared either by sandblasting, wire brushing, acid etching, chipping, or a combination thereof. Details on curing to resist cracking; materials protection and storage; environmental conditions; and application of plaster, finish-coat, and fog-coat, which shall be done by hand or machine up to the specified nominal thickness on metal and solid plaster bases are discussed.

bond, brown coat, cementitious, exterior plaster, fog coat, portland cement, scratch coat, stucco,, ICS Number Code 91.100.10 (Cement. Gypsum. Lime. Mortar)


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