Inspection, Ultrasonic Product Over 0.5 Inch (12.7 mm) Thick

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: SAE AMS2630E
: 1.11.2021
Kategorie: Technické normy SAE

SAE AMS2630E :

This specification covers procedures for ultrasonic inspection, by pulse-echo procedures, of flat, rectangular, round, cylindrical, and contoured products having a thickness or cross-sectional dimension greater than 0.5 inch (12.7 mm), using either contact or immersion methods, and using the longitudinal-wave or shear-wave modes or combinations of the two, as necessary. This specification may apply to testing finished machined parts provided the parts can meet the basic testability requirements, such as size, contour, metallurgical structure, and thickness.

SUBFILE: Aerospace
TYPE OF DOCUMENT: Aerospace Material Specification