IRS 10181-1ed.

User information in Railway Stations

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: IRS 10181-1ed.
: 1.9.2018
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IRS 10181-1ed. :

Passengers should have access to useful information and details of their routes in stations. These elements constitute the information chain. This information chain includes every means of communication in the station: wayfinding, timetable screens, sound broadcasting system, information kiosk, maps, internet, mobile phone, etc.
This leaflet is about wayfinding - what it is for, how it is installed and implemented, and all the elements it comprises. A structural component of the information and orientation chain, wayfinding is a core service offered to passengers. It reflects a station or networks image and identity. This is why wayfinding should always be consistent and rigorous in its application.
This leaflet describes the principles of wayfinding systems and provides instructions on how to operationalise such systems in order to inform and direct passengers. These instructions should be applied in and around stations. They should also be applied where existing wayfinding systems need to be modified: changes to wayfinding layout, stations under construction, etc.
National rules and standards should be observed.
This leaflet does not concern the areas of responsibility covered by the Highway Code. For guidelines covering safety equipment, such as emergency exits, etc., the applicable legal regulations and norms should be observed.

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