ČSN P CEN ISO/TS 21362 (012031)

Nanotechnologie - Analýza nanoobjektů pomocí rozdělení na díly asymetrickým a odstředivým polem toku (Norma k přímému použití jako ČSN).

NORMA vydána dne 1.10.2021

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: ČSN P CEN ISO/TS 21362
: 012031
: 512790
: 1.10.2021
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Kategorie: Technické normy ČSN

ČSN P CEN ISO/TS 21362 (012031):

This document identifies parameters and conditions, as part of an integrated measurement system, necessary to develop and validate methods for the application of asymmetrical-flow and centrifugal field-flow fractionation to the analysis of nano-objects and their aggregates and agglomerates dispersed in aqueous media. In addition to constituent fractionation, analysis can include size, size distribution, concentration and material identification using one or more suitable detectors. General guidelines and procedures are provided for application, and minimal reporting requirements necessary to reproduce a method and to convey critical aspects are specified