ČSN ETSI EN 319132-1-V1.1.1 (874015)

Elektronické podpisy a infrastruktury (ESI) - Digitální podpisy XAdES - Část 1: Stavební bloky a základní podpisy XAdES (Norma k přímému použití jako ČSN).

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: ČSN ETSI EN 319132-1-V1.1.1
: 874015
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: 1.11.2016
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ČSN ETSI EN 319132-1-V1.1.1 (874015):

V1.1.1 The present document specifies XAdES digital signatures. XAdES signatures build on XML digital signatures [1], by incorporation of signed and unsigned qualifying properties, which fulfil certain common requirements (such as the long term validity of digital signatures, for instance) in a number of use cases. The present document specifies XML Schema definitions for the aforementioned qualifying properties as well as mechanisms for incorporating them into XAdES signatures. The present document specifies formats for XAdES baseline signatures, which provide the basic features nec-essary for a wide range of business and governmental use cases for electronic procedures and communications to be applicable to a wide range of communities when there is a clear need for interoperability of digital signatures used in electronic documents. The present document defines four levels of XAdES baseline signatures addressing incremental requirements to maintain the validity of the signatures over the long term, in a way that a certain level always addresses all the requirements addressed at levels that are below it. Each level requires the presence of certain XAdES qualifying properties, suitably profiled for reducing the optionality as much as possible. Procedures for creation, augmentation, and validation of XAdES digital signatures are out of scope and specified in ETSI EN 319 102 1 [i.6]. Guidance on creation, augmentation and validation of XAdES digital signatures including the usage of the different properties defined in the present document is provided in ETSI TR 119 100 [i.11]. The present document aims at supporting electronic signatures in different regulatory frameworks. NOTE: Specifically but not exclusively, XAdES digital signatures specified in the present document aim at sup-porting electronic signatures, advanced electronic signatures, qualified electronic signatures, electronic seals, advanced electronic seals, and qualified electronic seals as per Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 [i.1]