ČSN ETSI EN 301843-1-V2.2.1 (875107)

Norma pro elektromagnetickou kompatibilitu (EMC) námořních rádiových zařízení a služeb - Harmonizovaná norma pro elektromagnetickou kompatibilitu - Část 1: Společné technické požadavky (Norma k přímému použití jako ČSN).

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: ČSN ETSI EN 301843-1-V2.2.1
: 875107
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: 1.6.2018
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ČSN ETSI EN 301843-1-V2.2.1 (875107):

V2.2.1 The present document contains the common requirements for marine radio communications equipment and associated ancillary equipment, in respect of ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC). The provisions of the present document apply to marine radio equipment not covered in the scope of the Council Directive on marine equipment (the "Marine Equipment Directive" 96/98/EC [i.5]). Product dependent arrangements necessary to perform the EMC tests on dedicated types of marine radio communications equipment, and the assessment of test results, are detailed in the appropriate product related parts of the present document. The present document, together with the product related part, specifies the applicable EMC tests, the methods of measurement, the limits and the performance criteria for marine radio equipment and associated ancillary equipment. In case of differences (for instance concerning special conditions, definitions, abbreviation) between the present document and the relevant product related part of the present document, the product related part takes precedence. For the further content of the present document, the expression "radio equipment" is taken to mean marine radio communications equipment, in each individual case. Technical specifications related to the antenna port of radio equipment and emissions from the enclosure port of radio equipment and combinations of radio and associated ancillary equipment are not included in the present document. Such technical specifications are normally found in the relevant product standards for the effective use of the radio spectrum. The environment classification used in the present document is maritime, as defined in IEC EN 60945 [1]. Marine radio communications equipment meeting the EMC requirements set out in IEC EN 60945 [1] is deemed to meet also the EMC requirements for the residential, commercial and light industrial environment as defined in IEC EN 61000 6 3 [i.1] and IEC EN 61000-6 1 [i.2]. The EMC requirements have been selected to ensure an adequate level of compatibility for apparatus intended to be used in the maritime environment. The levels, however, do not cover extreme cases which may occur in any location but with low probability of occurrence. Compliance of radio equipment to the requirements of the present document does not signify compliance to any requirements related to spectrum management or to the use of the equipment (licensing requirements). Compliance to the requirements of the present document does not signify compliance to any safety requirements. However, it is the responsibility of the assessor of the equipment to record in the test report any observations regarding the test sample becoming dangerous or unsafe as a result of the application of the tests called for in the present document. NOTE: The relationship between the present document and essential requirements of article 3.1b of Directive 2014/53/EU [i.4] is given in annex A. In addition to the present document, other ENs that specify technical requirements in respect of essential requirements under other parts of article 3 of the Radio Equipment Directive [i.4] may apply to equipment within the scope of the present document