ČSN EN ISO 20046 (404316)

Radiační ochrana - Pracovní kritéria pro laboratoře používající test chromozomálních translokací metodou fluorescenční in situ hybridizace (FISH) pro účely hodnocení expozice ionizujícímu záření (Norma k přímému použití jako ČSN).

NORMA vydána dne 1.9.2021

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: ČSN EN ISO 20046
: 404316
: 512581
: 1.9.2021
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Kategorie: Technické normy ČSN

ČSN EN ISO 20046 (404316):

purpose of this document is to provide criteria for quality assurance (QA), quality control (QC) and evaluation of the performance of biological dosimetry by cytogenetic service laboratories. This document addresses: a) the responsibilities of both the customer and the laboratory; b) the confidentiality of personal information, for the customer and the laboratory; c) the laboratory safety requirements; d) sample processing; culturing, staining and scoring, including the criteria for scoring for translocation analysis by FISH; e) the calibration sources and calibration dose ranges useful for establishing the reference dose-response curves that contribute to the dose estimation from chromosome aberration frequency and the detection limit; f) the scoring procedure for translocations stained by FISH used for evaluation of exposure; g) the criteria for converting a measured aberration frequency into an estimate of absorbed dose (also appears as "dose"); h) the reporting of results; i) the QA and QC; j) sample instructions for the customer, sample questionnaire, sample datasheet for recording aberrations, sample of report and fitting of the low dose-response curve by the method of maximum likelihood and calculating the uncertainty of dose estimate