ČSN EN 9300-200 (310450)

Letectví a kosmonautika - LOTAR - Dlouhodobá archivace a vyhledávání v digitální technické dokumentaci produktu 3D, CAD a PDM dat - Část 200: Společné pojmy pro dlouhodobou archivaci a vyhledávání údajů o struktuře produktu (Norma k přímému použití jako ČSN).

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: ČSN EN 9300-200
: 310450
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: 1.10.2018
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ČSN EN 9300-200 (310450):

series defines long term archiving and retrieval (LTA&R) for digital product data. Product data comprises both the content data defining a product and the respective metadata. In complex product environments, the metadata are managed in a product data management (PDM) system. Consequently, the EN 9300 series will comprise a series of domain specific standards to deal with LTA&R of PDM data. Since the EN 9300 series defines LTA&R for digital product data, it addresses both the data defining a product and the associated management data, including: - product usage of the primary technical data; - organization/structure of the data; - configuration management of the data (effectivity, status, etc.). The product management data describe the primary technical data generically in a PDM framework, independently of their specific type (CAD data, for example), which are described in the domain specific parts of EN 9300 series. The EN 9300-2xx series of domain specific parts within the EN 9300 context are dedicated to product management data. All concepts of the generic process parts of EN 9300 apply unless stated otherwise. Reflecting the standard EN 9300 document structure, the EN 9300-2xx series is structured as a Part 200 describing the fundamentals and concepts for the series, followed by several domain specific sub-parts. In most modern industrial environments, product data is maintained and managed using product data management (PDM) systems. In general, these systems: - Manage the use of the primary technical data contained, for example, in CAD models and documents; - Allow organization of primary technical data into structures to represent the relevant products; - Support definition and maintenance processes for products. Within the EN 9300 context, several domain specific parts address LTA&R for the primary technical data (e.g. CAD, CAx, Documents) as generated by the relevant technical "authoring" systems. The EN 9300-2xx series provides information for LTA&R of product management data for the relevant documents, structures and processes