ČSN EN 62680-2-2 (368691)

Rozhraní univerzální sériové sběrnice pro data a výkon - Část 2-2: Univerzální sériová sběrnice - Specifikace kabelů a konektorů mikro USB, revize 1.01 (Norma k přímému použití jako ČSN).

NORMA vydána dne 1.5.2016

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: ČSN EN 62680-2-2
: 368691
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: 1.5.2016
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ČSN EN 62680-2-2 (368691):

become a popular interface for exchanging data between cell phone and portable devices. Many of these devices have become so small it is impossible to use standard USB components as defined in the USB 2.0 specification. In addition the durability requirements of the Cell Phone and Portable Devices market exceed the specifications of the current interconnects. Since Cell Phones and other small Portable Devices are the largest market potential for USB, this specification is addressing this very large market while meeting all the requirements for electrical performance within the USB 2.0 specification