ČSN EN 61703-ed.2 (010607)

Matematické výrazy pro ukazatele bezporuchovosti, pohotovosti, udržovatelnosti a zajištěnosti údržby (Norma k přímému použití jako ČSN).

NORMA vydána dne 1.5.2017

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: ČSN EN 61703-ed.2
: 010607
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: 1.5.2017
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ČSN EN 61703-ed.2 (010607):

This International Standard provides mathematical expressions for selected reliability, availability, maintainability and maintenance support measures defined in IEC 60050­192:2015. In addition, it introduces some terms not covered in IEC 60050-192:2015. They are related to aspects of the system of item classes (see hereafter). According to IEC 60050-192:2015, dependability [192-01-22] is the ability of an item to perform as and when required and an item [192-01-01] can be an individual part, component, device, functional unit, equipment, subsystem, or system. To account for mathematical constraints, this standard splits the items between the individual items considered as a whole (e.g. individual components) and the systems made of several individual items. It provides general considerations for the mathematical expressions for systems as well as individual items but the individual items which are easier to model are analysed in more detail with regards to their repair aspects. The following item classes are considered separately: - Systems; - Individual items: - non-repairable [192-01-12]; - repairable [192-01-11]: i) with zero (or negligible) time to restoration; ii) with non-zero time to restoration. In order to explain the dependability concepts which can be difficult to understand, keep the standard self-contained and the mathematical formulae as simple as possible, the following basic mathematical models are used in this standard to quantify dependability measures: - Systems: - state-transition models; - Markovian models. - Individual items: - random variable (time to failure) for non-repairable items; - simple (ordinary) renewal process for repairable items with zero time to restoration; - simple (ordinary) alternating renewal process for repairable items with non-zero time to restoration. The application of each dependability measure is illustrated by means of simple examples. This standard is mainly applicable to hardware dependability, but many terms and their definitions may be applied to items containing software