ČSN EN 50341-2-8 (333300)

Elektrická venkovní vedení s napětím nad AC 1 kV - Část 2-8: Národní normativní aspekty (NNA) pro Francii (založena na EN 50341-1: 2012) (Norma k přímému použití jako ČSN).

NORMA vydána dne 1.6.2018

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: ČSN EN 50341-2-8
: 333300
: 504085
: 1.6.2018
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ČSN EN 50341-2-8 (333300):

FR.1 Scope of Part 1 and Part 2-8 Part 1 and the present Part 2-8 apply to new overhead lines as defined in 1.1/FR.2 "Definition of a new overhead line". FR.2 Definition of a new overhead line A new overhead line denotes any new overhead electrical line exceeding AC 1 kV built on new foundations and: - flanked by two substations or two terminal towers preceding said substations. or - flanked by a substation or a terminal tower at one end and in a branch situation (including branch tower) or tapping situation at the other end. FR.3 Application to existing overhead lines This standard does not apply to existing overhead lines exceeding AC 1 kV in France. FR.4 Application to overhead lines for which technical studies are underway Any decision to apply the requirements of the present standard to new overhead line projects for which technical studies are underway shall be stipulated in the Project Specification. FR.5 Application to overhead lines under construction The requirements of the present standard do not apply to overhead lines under construction. Field of application FR.1 Application to radio telecommunication equipment Part 1 and Part 2-8 apply to radio telecommunication equipment mounted on the towers of new overhead lines, particularly with respect to wind and ice assumptions. Radio equipment shall be arranged on the support so that it can be accessed and operations performed in accordance with safety regulations