ČSN EN 17116-3 (819006)

Specifikace strojního zařízení průmyslových prádelen - Definice a zkoušení kapacity a charakteristik spotřeby - Část 3: Kontinuální prací linka (Norma k přímému použití jako ČSN).

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: ČSN EN 17116-3
: 819006
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: 1.1.2020
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ČSN EN 17116-3 (819006):

This document defines the characteristics of continuous tunnel washer and gives the usual test methods for these characteristics with regard to machine capacity, power consumption and productivity. It is applicable for use as a reference in the drafting of purchasing orders for continuous tunnel washer. In addition it is recommended for determination of energy consumption and productivity according to Directive 2009/125 EC. This document excludes the energy consumption for dewatering of the load. Furthermore, the document describes standard methods for measuring principal performance characteristics of continuous tunnel washer. It does not cover safety requirements (see EN ISO 10472-3)