ČSN EN 16836-1 (258512)

Komunikační systémy pro měřidla - Bezdrátová síť pro výměnu měřených dat - Část 1: Úvod a normalizační rámec (Norma k přímému použití jako ČSN).

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: ČSN EN 16836-1
: 258512
: 501823
: 1.5.2017
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ČSN EN 16836-1 (258512):

This European Standard gives provisions on the standardization framework of communication systems applicable to the exchange of data from metering devices to other devices within a mesh network. It includes information on the application process functions, layered protocols and metering architecture. This European Standard also specifies how to interpret Parts 2 and 3 of EN 16836 which give a list of references to the ZigBee documents. This standard is applicable to communications systems that involve messages and networking between a meter or multiple meters and other devices in a mesh network, such as in home displays (IHDs) and communications hubs. This standard allows routing between devices and also allows channel agility to avoid contention with other networks of the same type, or networks of other types operating in the same frequency bands. This standard is designed to support low power communications for devices such as gas and water meters which can make data from such devices available on the mesh network at any time through a proxy capability within a permanently powered device NOTE 1: This standard specifies a communication protocol that can embrace a multitude of smart metering architectures from a variety of countries. This standard is not designed to limit, or indeed imply a choice or preference to any one of the many possible architectures, but more over provide information on how devices can use this communications standard to publish and receive information from meters over a network. NOTE 2: This standard defines a protocol that can be used for either a type M interface, or a type H1 interface, however H1 interfaces are not within the scope of CEN/TC 294