ČSN EN 16602-70-46 (310510)

Zabezpečování kosmických produktů - Požadavky na výrobu a obstarávání spojovacích součástek se závitem (Norma k přímému použití jako ČSN).

NORMA vydána dne 1.7.2015

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: ČSN EN 16602-70-46
: 310510
: 97319
: 1.7.2015
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ČSN EN 16602-70-46 (310510):

This Standard defines the requirements for manufacturing, provision, inspection and quality control of highquality threaded fastening devices (bolts, nuts, studs and screws) hereafter referred to as threaded fasteners or fasteners, used in space hardware. This Standard does not include a complete review of the factors relevant to the fabrication of high quality threaded fasteners. It provides the definition of the technical requirements and quality control procedures to be applied in the fabrication and supply of threaded fasteners for spacecraft applications. Fasteners for spacecraft applications are those aerospace standard fasteners (i.e. in accordance with LN, DIN or other national or international aerospace standards), or those fasteners meeting or exceeding the requirements in ISO 4759-1 for "Product grade A", which also fulfil the requirements for space applications as specified in the present document