ČSN EN 15531-1 (018234)

Veřejná přeprava osob - Pracovní rozhraní pro informace v reálném čase vztahující se k provozu veřejné přepravy osob - Část 1: Souvislosti a struktura (Norma k přímému použití jako ČSN).

NORMA vydána dne 1.2.2016

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: ČSN EN 15531-1
: 018234
: 98848
: 1.2.2016
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ČSN EN 15531-1 (018234):

This European Standard specifies a Service Interface for Real-time Information (SIRI) about Public Transport. It is intended to be used to exchange information between servers containing real-time public transport vehicle or journey time data. These include the control centres of transport operators and information systems that utilize real-time vehicle information, for example, to deliver services such as travel information. This European Standard will improve a number of features of public transport information and service management: - Interoperability - the European Standard will facilitate interoperability between information processing systems of the transport operators by: (i) introducing common architectures for message exchange; (ii) introducing a modular set of compatible information services for real-time vehicle information; (iii) using common data models and schemas for the messages exchanged for each service; and (iv) introducing a consistent approach to data management. - Improved operations management - the European Standard will assist in better vehicle management by (i) allowing the precise tracking of both local and roaming vehicles; (ii) providing data that can be used to improve performance, such as the measurement of schedule adherence; and (iii) allowing the distribution of schedule updates and other messages in real-time. - Delivery of real-time information to end-users - the European Standard will assist the economic provision of improved data by; (i) enabling the gathering and exchange of real-time data between AVMS systems; (ii) providing standardized, well defined interfaces that can be used to deliver data to a wide variety of distribution channels. Version 2.0 of SIRI includes a new Simple Web Service designed to support the widespread, massively scalable use of mobile devices and web browsers and other applications to display public transport data directly to users