ČSN EN 14175-3 (847500)

Digestoře - Část 3: Typové metody zkoušení (Norma k přímému použití jako ČSN).

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: ČSN EN 14175-3
: 847500
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: 1.11.2019
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Kategorie: Technické normy ČSN

ČSN EN 14175-3 (847500):

This document specifies type test methods for the assessment of safety and performance of fume cupboards connected to an exhaust air system. Relevant requirements are specified in EN 14175-2. For terms and their definitions, EN 14175-1 applies. For safety and performance requirements of fume cupboards, EN 14175-2 applies. For on-site test methods of fume cupboards, EN 14175-4 applies. For the type testing and on-site testing of variable air volume (VAV) fume cupboards, EN 14175-6 applies in addition to this standard. For fume cupboards for high heat and acidic load, EN 14175-7 applies. For the testing of recirculation filtration fume cupboards, EN 17242 applies. For the testing of microbiological safety cabinets, EN 12469 applies