ČSN EN 12977-5 (730305)

Tepelné solární soustavy a součásti - Soustavy stavěné na zakázku - Část 5: Metody zkoušení parametrů regulačního zařízení (Norma k přímému použití jako ČSN).

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: ČSN EN 12977-5
: 730305
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: 1.10.2018
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ČSN EN 12977-5 (730305):

This European Standard specifies performance test methods for control equipment. Furthermore, this document contains requirements on accuracy, durability and reliability of control equipment. The tests described in this document are limited to electrically activated components delivered with or for the system by the final supplier. For the purposes of this document controller and control equipment for solar heating systems and auxiliary heaters, if part of the system, are restricted to the following: a) Controllers as: 1) system clocks, timers and counters; 2) differential thermostats; 3) multi-function controllers. b) Sensors as: 1) temperature sensors; 2) irradiance sensors (for short wave radiation); 3) pressure sensors; 4) level sensors; 5) flow meters; 6) heat meters. c) Actuators as: 1) pumps; 2) solenoid and motor valves; 3) relays. d) Combinations of controllers, sensors and actuators listed above. An additional objective of the procedures described in this document is to verify control algorithms and, together with the accuracy of sensors, to determine control parameters. In addition to verifying the functioning of a controller, its equipment and actuators, the determined parameters may be used for numerical system simulations. Typically, electrical anodes are not part of the control equipment and are not controlled by the control equipment. However, because they are electrical appliances, electrical anodes are included in this document. This document is valid for control equipment of solar heating systems for the purpose of hot water preparation and/or space heating. If the solar system is connected to or part of a conventional heating system, the validity is extended to the entire system. In combination with the standards EN 12976 1:2017, EN 12976 2:2017 as well as EN 12977 1:2018, EN 12977 2:2018, EN 12977 3:2018 and EN 12977 4:2018, this document is valid for: e) factory made solar heating systems, f) small custom built solar heating systems, g) large custom built solar heating systems, h) auxiliary heater equipment used in connection with e), f) and g)