ČSN EN 12814-4 (056820)

Zkoušení svarových spojů polotovarů z termoplastů - Část 4: Odlupovací zkouška (Norma k přímému použití jako ČSN).

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: ČSN EN 12814-4
: 056820
: 505302
: 1.10.2018
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ČSN EN 12814-4 (056820):

This document specifies the dimensions, the method of sampling and the preparation of the test specimens, and also the conditions for performing the peel test perpendicular to the weld in order to determine the peel resistance and the failure behaviour. A peel test can be used in conjunction with other tests (e.g. tensile creep, macroscopic examination...) to assess the performance of welded assemblies, made from thermoplastics materials. Peel tests are applicable to overlap welded assemblies made from thermoplastics materials. The T-peel test as defined in Clause 5 will be used only for assessing welded sheet assemblies. This test is not applicable to welded test pieces containing sheets of different nominal thickness. The decohesion test as defined in Clause 6 will be used only for assessing electrofusion joints with nominal thickness of pipe/fitting greater than 10 mm. For socket fusion and for electrofusion socket joints with nominal outside diameter less than or equal to 90 mm, a crush test will be used, as defined in Clause 7. The crush test can also be used for electrofusion joints with outside diameters greater than 90 mm. The crush test for electrofusion saddle joints will be performed in accordance with ISO 13955. NOTE: A decohesion test is also defined in ISO 13954. The tests defined in this standard are not intended to be used for assessment and/or qualification of thermoplastic fittings that already have their own requirements, e.g. polyethylene fittings according to EN 1555-3 and EN 12201-3