ČSN CLC/TS 50131-12 (334591)

Poplachové systémy - Poplachové zabezpečovací a tísňové systémy - Část 12: Metody a požadavky pro nastavování stavu střežení a klidu poplachových zabezpečovacích systémů (IAS) (Norma k přímému použití jako ČSN).

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: ČSN CLC/TS 50131-12
: 334591
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: 1.1.2017
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ČSN CLC/TS 50131-12 (334591):

This Technical Specification provides recommendations for those methods of setting and unsetting an Intrusion Alarm System (IAS) complying with EN 50131-1 that will reduce unwanted alarms arising from "operator error" in setting and unsetting the IAS and provide confidence that the conditions in which the system is installed are conducive to system reliability during the "set" period. This document details optional methods by which these goals may be achieved, either in isolation, or in conjunction with verification methods. These recommendations should be incorporated into the respective standards in the EN 50131-1 series . This Technical Specification also provides (in Annex A) recommendations for equipment and (in Annex C) associated test requirements, in order to permit the manufacture of standardized equipment to provide the functionality needed by an IAS to meet these recommendations