ASTM E960-93(2013)

Standard Specification for Laboratory Glass Beakers

NORMA vydána dne 1.11.2013

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: ASTM E960-93(2013)
: 1.11.2013
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Kategorie: Technické normy ASTM

ASTM E960-93(2013) :

This specification provides standard dimensional requirements for glass beakers suitable for general laboratory use. The glass beakers are classified into types and sizes and are presented in details. The glass beaker types are: type I - low form with spout; type II - low form, with spout heavy duty; type III - tall form, with spout; type IV - tall form, without spout; and type V - electrolytic, without spout. Beakers shall be made of borosilicate glass conforming to the requirement specified. Types I and II beakers shall be constructed to have straight sides. Types III and IV beakers shall have slightly tapered sides. Type V beakers may have slightly tapered or straight sides.

beakers, glass, laboratory, ICS Number Code 71.040.20 (Laboratory ware and related apparatus)