ASTM D7666-12(2019)

Standard Specification for Triglyceride Burner Fuel

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: ASTM D7666-12(2019)
: 1.12.2019
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ASTM D7666-12(2019) :

This specification covers two grades of burner fuel consisting of triglycerides and naturally occurring constituents of triglycerides including monoglycerides, diglycerides, and free fatty acids and distinguished by the pour point. The triglyceride burner fuels, Grade TBF5 and Grade TBF6, are intended for use in commercial or industrial air or steam-atomized fuel oil burning equipment manufactured under various climatic and operating conditions for the purposes of heat generation. This specification describes the properties and limits for triglyceride burner fuels to provide acceptable performance in liquid fuel burning equipment. It also addresses significance and use, sample collection and handling, and properties that are those of greatest significance in obtaining acceptable performance of the burner. The requirements enumerated in this specification shall be determined in accordance with the following ASTM test methods except as noted: pour point (Test Method D97), flash point (Test Method D93, Procedure B, except when other methods may be prescribed by law), water and sediment (Test Method D1796), viscosity (Test Method D445), density (Test Methods D1298, D4052, D5355, or D7042), titer (Test Method D1982), acid number (Test Method D664), ash (Test Method D482), sulfur (Test Method D4294), insolubles (Grade TBF5 and Grade TBF6) (Test Method D128, Section 12, Method 1), and heating value (heat of combustion) (Test Method D240).

biofuel, boiler, cooking oil, crude glycerin, fats, fatty acid, fuel, glycerin, heating fuel, industrial burner, recycled oil, rendered animal fat, TBF, triglyceride, triglyceride fuel, used fuel, used oil, used vegetable oil, vegetable oil, yellow grease,, ICS Number Code 71.080.60 (Alcohols. Ethers), 75.160.01 (Fuels in general)