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UIC 1-20001E-1ed.

Eurasian Corridors: Development Potential - Report

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Označení normy: UIC 1-20001E-1ed.
Datum vydání normy: 1.3.2020
Kód zboží: NS-993770
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Země: Mezinárodní technická norma
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Anotace textu normy UIC 1-20001E-1ed. :

UIC has been continuously monitoring the performance of the Eurasian rail freight transit market.

This study proposes the analysis of major changes over the last years and an updated forecast for the period till 2030 based on existing macroeconomic background and mathematical modelling with a TMF® software.

In 2016-2018 the market has been growing actively, but in 2018 and especially in 2019 the dynamic? changed from fast to moderate growth. This resulted in active search for niche and balancing solutions by market players and further cooperation increase.

The macroeconomic background under baseline scenario supposes favorable conditions for further growth of Eurasian transit till 2030, but also growing and unchangeable disbalance of eastbound and westbound load varying around 42-43% to 58-57%.

Still the bottom and top volumes of the market can vary from less than 450 thousand to more than 2 m loaded TEUs in 2030 depending on the combination of different factors and under different trade scenarios.

These factors, infrastructural, operational and economic, were one by one tested with a model for this study.

ISBN: : 978-2-7461-2917-7


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