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IEEE Interconnecting Distributed Resources with Electric Power Systems - IEEE 1547 Series (Bundle)

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Označení normy: IEEE -2016
Datum vydání normy: 2.11.2016
Kód zboží: NS-953159
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Země: Mezinárodní technická norma
Kategorie: Technické normy IEEE

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- Active.
The 1547 series of interconnection standards with electric power systems (EPS) is a benchmark milestone demonstrating the open consensus process for standards development. It covers the technical specifications for, and testing of, the interconnection and provides requirements relevant to the performance, operation, testing, safety considerations, and maintenance of the interconnection. It includes general requirements, response to abnormal conditions, power quality, islanding, and test specifications and requirements for design, production, installation evaluation, commissioning, and periodic tests. These requirements are universally needed for interconnection of distributed resources, including synchronous machines, induction machines, or power inverters/converters and will be sufficient for most installations. It specifies the type, production, and commissioning tests that shall be performed and provides technical background and application details. It specifics alternative approaches and good practices for the design, operation, and integration of distributed resource island systems with electric power systems. It provides recommendations and guidance on the distribution secondary networks, including both spot networks and grid networks. Furthere, it does not interpret IEEE Std 1547 or otherre standards in the IEEE Std 1547 series. It also provides tips, techniques, and rules of thumb, and it addresses topics related to DR project implementation. The series includes: IEEE 1547-2003, IEEE 1547a-2014, IEEE 1547.1-2005, IEEE 1547.2-2008, IEEE Std 1547.3-2007, IEEE 1547.4-2011, IEEE Std 1547.6-2011, IEEE 1547.7-2013, IEEE 1547.1a-2015

ISBN: 978-1-5044-3586-4
Number of Pages: 0
Product Code: STDBN22327
Keywords: 1547-2003, 1547a-2014, 1547.1-2005, 1547.2-2008, 1547.3-2007, 1547.4-2011, 1547.6-2011, 1547.7-2013, 1547.1a-2015, certification codes commissioning, dc injection design, field, installation, production, tests, communications, diesel generators, distributed generation, power resources, electric distribution systems, dispersed generation, storage energy, storage, faults, flicker, fuel cells, generators, grid, harmonics, induction, machines, inverters, interconnection, requirements, specifications, islanding, microturbines, monitoring, control paralleling, power converters, networks, quality photovoltaic power systems, point of common coupling, public utility
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