Norma IEC/WP GEI-ed.0.0 10.10.2016 náhled

IEC/WP GEI-ed.0.0

Global energy interconnection

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Označení normy: IEC/WP GEI-ed.0.0
Datum vydání normy: 10.10.2016
Kód zboží: NS-673014
Počet stran: 78
Přibližná hmotnost: 234 g (0.52 liber)
Země: Mezinárodní technická norma
Kategorie: Technické normy IEC

Anotace textu normy IEC/WP GEI-ed.0.0 :

Energy is central to nearly every major challenge and opportunity the world faces. However, one fifth of the world population still lacks access to energy.The interconnection of grids would open up an unprecedented opportunity to globally share the resources of the whole planet, bringing clean energy to everybody, everywhere in the world.Global energy interconnection (GEI) is technically highly complex. It will require a level of dependability never seen before. International Standards inherently contain solutions that will help pre-address this complexity and they will play a crucial role in mastering dependability upfront.This White Paper aims to assess the worldwide needs, benefits, policies and preconditions for GEI. It examines the readiness of potential markets and identifies technical and business trends as well as hurdles. It analyzes and compares several global transmission scenarios and evaluates their impact on energy supply, the environment, technologies, policies as well as standards development, providing recommendations to all stakeholders.This White Paper was prepared by the IEC Market Strategy Board (


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